For a long time we had been talking with Danaé to experiment with photography, on simple everyday patterns and without any special equipment, in order for us to see the possibilities and the potential for something more professional.

The location of the photoshooting was chosen on the basis of our easy transportation as well as the beauty and the quietness of the surroundings.
She was on time for the appointment on that afternoon of July.
After the first instructions were given, I realized that we did not need to say much.
Looking through Nikon's eyepiece and at the first sweet sound of the shutter, I noticed Danaé's inextricable and intertwined relationship with the camera. At each pose she compensated the camera requirements, while at the same time she was showing that her potential is even higher.
To my question, what makes her so comfortable and confident, her answer was straight:
"I set goals and succeed them..."
At the end of the shooting we said goodbye, giving both the promise somewhere in the future to look into it once again, this time in a more professional and more organized way.